Complete Facial Rejuvenation

  • Doctor Bermudez, a medical doctor with more than 10 years of experience in complete facial rejuvenation, offers multiple non or minimally invasive treatments. She will take a careful look of your needs and advise the best procedure or product for you. She loves the “natural look” always keeping in mind that “less is better”. She is also a big believer that aesthetic procedures are not just to make you look better but to feel better. She knows that many times we need these procedures as the only reconstructive procedures available without going under the “knife”, in cases like Bell’s palsy face atrophy or just asymmetries we have from birth, or sometimes just because we don’t like the shape of our lips or the lack of volume in our face. She offers the following:
  • Neurotoxins Botox / Dysport: used for the treatment of wrinkles in forehead, “bunny lines” ,”crow’s feet” and other lines of expression. This is a temporary treatment, usually lasting 3-4 months. Also, remember, these neurotoxins are the most effective and long lasting treatment for excessive perspiration or “hyperhidrosis”. 
  • Restylane family, Radiesse, Sculptra: fillers to treat marionette’s lines, facial deep creases , and to restore volume to your face/lips. Dr. Bermudez is known for making “the best lips on town”. Also Dr Bermudez offers “hand rejuvenation”  done with fillers as well. Remember: your hands reveals your age. 
  • Chemical peeling: We offer ViPeel, one of the best and little to no time down peeling in the market.  This is known as the”peeling of the stars”. This peeling will cause strong exfoliation of your skin to treat photo damage, active acne or acne scars  , fine wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. You will look refreshed!
  • Microdermabrasion: another gentle way to treat at acne scars, pigmentation, sun damage. Could be applied not just to your face, but your back, hands, arms and buttocks to improve skin texture.
  • PRP therapy: known as “vampire treatment”, to give back fullness and brightness to damaged skin. Excellent also for acne and other skin conditions as well one of the most successful treatments for hair thinning and hair loss in women and man. This procedure is considered Holistic. We would be using your own blood to be applied in your skin or scalp, giving back growth factors to stimulate the body to produce collagen or new hair, depends of the site applied. 
  • Micro needling with PRP: improve texture, fullness and restore glow to your skin. Your own blood serum will be applied with micro needling for a better results.
  • Individualize assessments are made at the time of consultation and prices will be discussed at that time.
Beautiful enhanced young lips
Enhanced mature lips
Total facial rejuvenation in a young lady with 2 different products: Dysport and Sculptra
Neurotoxin treatment in mature women(Botox, Dysport)
Hair restoration with platelet rich plasma, PRP.