Immigration Medical Examinations


Medical exams required by the US Immigration Service.

Mechanicville Family Medicine offers the exams required by the U.S. Immigration Service and is conveniently located in the capital region, close to Halfmoon, Clifton Park, Malta, Troy, Cohoes, Latham, Stillwater and only 20 minutes from Albany.

This process requires usually 2 appointments. 

At your first appointment, we need a photo ID, your immunization records in English or Spanish, and payment of $ 350 for an adult and $ 300 for children under 15 years of age.This fee is not covered by insurance.

If you have documentation for any for the following tests, bring  it with you. If you don’t have any, we can run the test in the office and sent them to Labcorp. The test are:

  • TB Gold, required for everyone older than 2 y/o
  • Syphilis test ages  18-44
  • Gonorrhea in urine for ages 10-24

The second appointment is the medical exam and if everything is complet, the documents will be given to you in a closed envelope.

Go to and print this required form and bring it with you for your visit; otherwise we can print it in our office at no additional charge. For information on how to complete this form, go to: USCIS Form I-693 Instructions for Medical Examination Report and Immunization Record

Remember, immunizations required by immigration are not included in the $ 350 fee. After your first visit, you will know what additional immunizations you may need. Call your health insurer to see if these vaccines are covered; if you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for the full cost. We strongly recommend that you obtain your vaccination records from your country; it can save you some money. We may be able to administer some of the vaccines on the spot. But you may need to go elsewhere.  The length of the process may depend on your health and your individual circumstances