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  1. Women's health services (annual pelvic exams, Pap smears, family planning and other gynecological services)

  2. Routine pediatric exams (well-baby and well-child checkups, school, camp and sports physicals)

  3. Adolescent medicine

  4. Routine adult and geriatric healthcare (including annual physicals for health maintenance, work, school or insurance)

  5. Lifestyle modifications and weight-loss coaching

  6. Emergency services for non-life threatening conditions

  7. Preventive immunizations and precautionary inoculations

  8. Preventive health and wellness services, including cancer screening and promotion of a healthy lifestyle

  9. Laboratory services

  10. Patient education materials

  11. Bilingual medical service

  12. Small surgical procedures

  13. Off-hours service and home visits available


Health & Wellness for your family


Family Medicine of Mechanicville

242 South Central Avenue  Mechanicville, NY. 12118   Tel: 518.664.4185  Fax: 518.539.2003